BME students should get a 23% discount on student loans.

In January 2016 David Cameron said: “If you’re black, you’re more likely to be in a prison cell than studying at a top university. And if you’re black, it seems you’re more likely to be sentenced to custody for a crime than if you’re white. We should investigate why this is and how we can end this possible discrimination.  There is more chance of a young black man ending up in Jail than going to University”

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, has been hit by numerous natural disasters, the 2010 earthquake, which claimed the lives of some 100,000 to 316,000 Haitians; a devastating cholera outbreak, and more recently suffered severe flooding making 10,000 people homeless. On 7th February 2016, Michel Martelly resigned as President and Haiti's fragile democracy returned to a state of uncertainty. A new president won't be elected until 24th April 2016.