The British Afro Caribbean society was originally formed in the 1950’s.Groups were formed in Notting Hill, Chapel Town - Leeds, Brixton , Moss Side to name but a few.

We would like to continue the work of supporting the Afro Caribbean community by resurrecting the organisation by building on and developing new principles and objectives for the 21 century.  

Many of the people that made the journey from the West Indies in the fifties to the UK in the 1950's did it with high hopes:

‘This trip to Britain is an expression of the freedom that our forefathers fought for by ridding us from slavery.  We have come to Britain to make a better life and improve the economic situation for ourselves and our children. Free People  can go where they like, this Freedom is the essence of who we are and should be celebrated of life and defended at all costs.’ Daisy T

Part of the group’s objective is also to make the history of the community relevant to the younger generation with an Afro Caribbean heritage.

Building on these early values to see if we can regain some of the early hope they had for their offspring for the digital age of the 21st century.