A Star is Born; is this the beginning of a black cultural renaissance in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British Afro-Caribbeans. With this in mind we thought we would take a look at what's happening with the Dutch Afro-Caribbean community.
Talking to Jennifer Tosch, the enormity of what she has created in Amsterdam in just over a year becomes clear. It culminated with her recent TED talk.
If you find yourself in Amsterdam, the Black Cultural tour comes highly recommended; take a journey back in time and experience the city in a whole new way with Black Heritage Amsterdam Tours (BHAT). See Amsterdam’s black cultural history from a canal boat!
Jennifer, parents were born in Suriname and immigrated to the US where Jennifer was born, returned to the Netherlands and started BHAT with nothing apart from energy, drive and determination . It is now a firm favourite of anyone travelling to Amsterdam, and has open a broader debate in the Netherlands about the whole way that people of colour live, work and participate in Dutch society.
Around Christmas time Dutch people celebrate the feast day of St Nicholas, known as Sinterklaas. One aspect of this is the depiction of Sinterklaas’ comical helper, the black character, Zwarte Piet, done by the blackening of white faces. 
We will be talking to some of our Dutch colleagues over the next couple of months to understand what it's like living in the Netherlands and to see how they see the future.
So next time you visit this fascinating city check out the tour and learn something new! 

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