Dear Jamie Cullum,  we had the great pleasure of attending this year’s Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The highlight for me was Lizz Wright, and the revelation was Hiatus Kayiote; both were absolutely brilliant. 

What we am sad about however, is the omission of Jazz Funk music and would like to make an observation; why is it that you omitted one of the major black music scenes from the late 1970’s/early 1980’s?  An individual who has been there from the beginning is Colin Curtis, one of Britain’s hidden gems and probably one of our greatest DJs. One could argue that it is the music and Colin’s working class roots that have meant that Jazz Funk has not featured in the line up? I am sure this is not true. After over 40 years Colin still holds his Jazz Freestyling events in Manchester and if you look at his podcasts you can see the range and international nature of his music repertoire. I can assure you that including established DJs like Colin would also encourage a more diverse, and an international, knowledgeable group of Jazz devotees, and I feel he would encourage more working class people to enjoy the festival. One disappointing observation walking around the town and speaking to several locals as I did, was that many found the prices far too high for the average person, and there was a feeling that the whole Festival was rather remote and middle class. Please have a look at Colin and see if you can get him to advise and attend next year, we know he would be a real asset.

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