We are struggling to understand who the real Oliver Letwin is. In June 2013 Cabinet Office Minister, Oliver Letwin, deleted a reference to his religion as Judaism, from his Wikipedia profile. Although born to Jewish parents, he now lists his religion as Atheism.

He often displays himself publicly as a compassionate, left of centre conservative, but then shows himself to be a hypocrite who writes painful and disparaging remarks about the British Afro Caribbean community.  In a 1985 internal memo in response to the Broadwater Farm riot, only just released to public record under the 30 year rule, he blamed the violence on the “bad moral attitudes” of the mainly young, black rioters.  This same memo also criticised proposed schemes to address inner city issues, suggesting that a colleague’s ideas to support black entrepreneurs would fail as they would only end up in the “disco and drug trade” and would “subsidise Rastafarian arts and crafts workshops”.  Letwin later apologised unreservedly for the memo, saying it was “wrong”, but it is disturbing that this apology was only made when the memo came to light in December 2015.

There is no doubt that we have all said things that we regret, and indeed we hope that Oliver Letwin has seen the error of his words. However, it is important to understand the level of distrust that this sort of behaviour engenders towards the Conservative Party.

On 22 January 2016 Oliver Letwin indicated that the government wants to quicken the “frustratingly slow” pace of change at the top of the politics industry, he stated publicly that Britain needs more black cabinet ministers.

Many members of our community wonder how he maintains a job of such importance, developing and formulating strategy for a political party whilst displaying this level of hypocrisy.  Would he still be in post if he had made similar comments about members of other ethnic minority groups?

How does David Cameron have confidence in a man who has made such blatantly hypocritical policy statements about the black community on behalf of the Conservative Party?  Oliver Letwin is obviously a deeply troubled man and should seriously reconsider his position, primarily because of the policy position that he holds within the Conservative Party, but more importantly for his personal credibility in terms of dealing with minority groups.

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