BME students should get a 23% discount on student loans.

In January 2016 David Cameron said: “If you’re black, you’re more likely to be in a prison cell than studying at a top university. And if you’re black, it seems you’re more likely to be sentenced to custody for a crime than if you’re white. We should investigate why this is and how we can end this possible discrimination.  There is more chance of a young black man ending up in Jail than going to University”

This section is dedicated to Sam Akinlade Former member of the NUS national executive committee.


We want to encourage Student organisations to affiliate with our organisation.

We will provide a group session by an expert at

There will also be a separate presentation by a professional or someone who has reached the highest level in a particular field. The speaker will be chosen in consultation with the student body but we will endeavour to get the best speaker possible.

Every year  we will  provide a speaker from the Afro Caribbean community who has made it to the highest level in his or her professional field. We will choose the topic of discussion or professional area  in consultation with the Student group. 

There will also be an invitation to the British Afro Caribbean AGM where we will decide research policy for the forthcoming year.

If you are interested please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or  +44 (0) 2079934993