Amsterdam and the Netherlands are well known for its famous canals, museums, music scene, ‘coffee shops’ and Red Light District, making it a top tourist destination; all of which are worth traveling to Amsterdam to experience. The country has a long and complex history, which grew out of being a small fishing village in the 13th Century to become one of the 10 richest nations in the world by the 17th Century, also known as the “Dutch Golden Age”.  The Dutch history books speak fondly of this era of great prosperity. By 1750 the Netherlands had become the foremost commercial and maritime power of Europe, turning Amsterdam from a fishing town into the financial center of the world.
What is less known among visitors or presented in the Dutch history books is the story about Blacks during this period who were brought to Amsterdam, and other surrounding cities, from Africa forced to work as servants to wealthy families who were directly or indirectly connected to the slave trade; or, Blacks who travelled to the country as dignitaries or as ‘free Blacks’ from the former Dutch colonies.
The Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour was created, Jennifer Tosch to share this other side of the story, and to explore the traces of the Dutch colonial history still visible throughout the city. The tour is a ‘must-do’ for all travellers to Amsterdam who are interested in learning about the erased part of our shared history, while enjoying many of famous city landmarks travelling on board a boat along the Amsterdam canals. For more information and to make your reservation visit:


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