The ambition of Arise TV was laudable. The station started up in September 2014 with their mission being to seek, promote and to celebrate all that is African and Afropolitan across all continents, engaging citizens of the world in the biggest stories of the day.


Three things to help us say YES

Encourage anti-racist programmes across the EU and support greater diversity within the EU bureaucracies.

Put as much time into the Commonwealth as has been into the EU, and build positive relationships with those countries.

Speed up the processing of migrants at Calais etc to see if they qualify to stay.

Claire Benedict argues that" it's difficult to make change happen in exile - we must support Lenny Henry to get greater representation in theatre, film and TV".
Whilst battling through the traffic I wondered what it would be like to meet Claire, her reputation as a strong outspoken defender of the Classical theatre within the community was something I was aware of and I felt some trepidation and apprehension about meeting her for the first time.

A Star is Born; is this the beginning of a black cultural renaissance in the Netherlands?
Amsterdam is one of the most popular holiday destinations for British Afro-Caribbeans. With this in mind we thought we would take a look at what's happening with the Dutch Afro-Caribbean community.